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Our valve springs and valve spring retainer products are manufactured to a strict quality standard to ensure that you get the best for your dollar.

Our valve springs come to you already scragged to save you time (scragging is a process where the spring is compressed to solid before checking loads). Our springs are scragged individually to ensure each spring is to solid height before checking, unlike most that are scragged to a height somewhere close to solid.

Our valve spring wire is also double eddy current tested to a depth of 40 microns and any wire detected with flaws is sprayed, the coiling machine picks this up and rejects these sections.

Our valve springs are also rattle tested on a specially designed machine which we can put a cam lobe into and run a complete set up (lifter, spring, retainer, push rod, rocker and valve) and check for harmonics.

Add to all this, the fact that our valve springs are also designed on SRAMA, a computer program from the Institute of Spring Technologies which gives us all stress and pound loadings from installed height to coil bind.

Now you can see why our logo says “RUNNING WITH THE BEST”.

All our valve springs are chrome silicone and our retainers are all 4140 Chrome Moly and 6AL4V Titanium Retainers.

We supply a large range of valve springs starting off in the small range such as Toyota 2E, Honda 4 valve engine, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Formula Ford, Nissan two and four valve engine through to our V8 Chev, Ford and Chrysler range.

We aim to keep our prices extremely competitive. Check out our products page and contact us, you will not be disappointed.